Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who lost more support?

This year's vote tallies are not final yet, but I have been astounded by the total number of votes counted so far.

It looks like Obama/Biden received 60.4 million votes and Romney/Ryan received 57.6 million votes.

According to Wikipedia's Election 2008 page, Obama/Biden received 69.5 million votes that year and McCain/Palin received 59.9 million.

Making an allowance for late tallying of votes from the West Coast and Sandy-affected areas, it looks like about 10-11 million fewer people voted this year.

The votes cast for the Obama/Biden ticket are down about 9 million, corresponding to 80% of the missing turnout.

Of course, Obama/Biden won. But, it would be folly for them to interpret this outcome as a wholesale national approval of their policies and behavior.

That, of course, is little consolation to the rest of us who wanted a U.S. that could stand strongly for freedom.

I am incredibly baffled by the fact that turnout this year was so low compared to 2008. Almost as low as the 2004 election. Surely higher than the 2000 election, but that does not say much.

In 2000, U.S. population stood at 282 million. In 2004, it was 293 million. And, this year, it is presumably about 315 million or greater.

While the Democrats have quickly claimed their supporters did not suffer from an enthusiasm gap, it is clear that there was a serious lack of enthusiasm among all voters.

Many awful things will happen over the coming months. Despite all the fantasies peddled by WNYC regarding the stimulative effects of Sandy, its consequences will soon start spreading throughout the economy along with the nervous anticipation of monumental new bureaucratic and tax burdens associated with an Obama administration free from the concern of getting re-elected.

In the mean time, we'll wait to see what kind of flexibility Mr. President will display towards the new Soviet Union.

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